This school year, from P4 to 2nd grade, we have introduced Drama as a new methodology to learn the English language. Using Drama helps children learn the language, improve their acting and social skills and learn structures, vocabulary and pronunciation in a motivating way.

Some kids are very timid at spoken activities where they need some help to participate. Drama lessons help them feel more confident to participate as they are part of the play.

How do we work Drama lessons?

We start each lesson with Warm-up activities. The warm-up activities are games to practise the new vocabulary and structures, they also give the opportunity to recognise feelings and improve concentration.

Then, during the following sessions we learn the actions that accompany the dialogues, in this way the memorization of the dialogue it’s easier as they make a relation with the movements and the structures.

At the end of the lesson the group is able to perform the play without the interaction of the teacher. They have acquired new structures and vocabulary having lot of fun!

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