dimarts, 3 de maig de 2016

Let's find out about Shakespeare

On Thursday the 14th the students of 2nd of Batxillerat attended to a small conference about William Shakespeare produced by an American woman, Cristina.
The conference lasted one hour in which we did some challenging games in order to make it entertaining and dynamic.  As well as having a good time, we were also learning about a relevant character in literature.

One of the games we played was Who wants to be a millionaire?, in which we could use some lifelines like in the real game. In one occasion, we had the chance to call Cristina’s mother and she gave us the answer.
It may seem that we did not learn much, but the truth is that we actually found out a lot of anecdotes and interesting things about Shakespeare’s life and general culture.
All in all, we had a great time and we were also able to improve our knowledge of literature.  We hope next year the other students will have the same opportunities that we had.

Clàudia Pla i Andrea Rodríguez,
2n de Batxillerat